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As an artist I am taken by graffiti, but when graffiti becomes much more than graffiti and takes on a new form and meaning, I am blown away at the mere creativity incorporated into something that already stands, is displayed to be freely seen by anyone and everyone.

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Street art by Brazil based graffiti artist Andre Muniz Gonzaga, aka Dalata. Andre creates his work on some irregular objects in a style of abstract and surrealism using variety of techniques – painting, drawing and sculpture.

Domain: Arts & crafts; Category: Modern art

Art de la rue Brésil basé graffeur Andre Muniz Gonzaga, aka Dalata. Andre crée son travail sur certains objets irréguliers dans le style de l'abstrait et le surréalisme à l'aide de diverses techniques : peinture, dessin et sculpture.

Domain: Arts & crafts; Category: Modern art

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