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It is a trick executed with the skater's back to the ramp or obstacle, or a rotation of the rider/board where the front foot moves forward.

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It is when skaters are more comfortably rides with the right foot leading, as it is most common to ride with the left foot leading.

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It is a kickflip in which the skater uses the front heel to flip the board in the opposite direction.

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An ollie in the middle of which the skater uses the front toe to kick the board into an "Aileron roll".

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A nollie is much like an ollie however to gain lift off you push down and launch from the nose of the board. Nollie comes from the words nose ollie.

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A skateboarding jump performed by popping the tail of the board on the ground, and using the front foot to level out the board and your body to maintain yourself mid air.

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It is the act of striking the tail of the board against the ground to propel the board upwards.

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