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Follow Friday

Ever since the launch of Twitter in 2006, Twitter users have adapted the microblogging service into a sophisticated communication platform where users connect with one another around the world. One of these adaptations is called Follow Friday, in which Twitter users tweet messages with the Twitter usernames of people they think others should follow. The idea is to expose people to other Twitter users they might not otherwise have known, thus increasing each person's followers and reach.

To send a Follow Friday tweet, a user needs to first gather the usernames of people they would like to suggest for Follow Friday. Next, compose a tweet with all of the usernames and end message with the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF, while keeping in mind Twitter's 140-character limit. This helps others outside of the user's follower list discover the tweet when they search. Including the @username will inform those people that are mentioned to be aware of Follow Friday tweet.

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