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Marquesa de chocolate

Chocolate Marquise (English name)

This dessert arrived in the first decade of the twentieth century in Venezuela. It is composed of a cake or biscuit layers alternate with cream biscuits, which then requires cooling to serve as dessert for special days.

The first records in creole cooking are always chocolate, a legacy of the French version called "Marquise au chocolat", who arrived in the country during the administration of President Antonio Guzmán Blanco (1829-1899), already well known for his fascination with the French culture, which so influenced our kitchen. In this case, phonics was served to "Marquise" a "Marquesa", a simple and direct translation.

Another fact which facilitated joining our culinary repertoire, was what the researcher Rafael Cartay, has labeled the "domain of cold in Venezuela", which happened around 1825 when the ice arrived in the country for the first time by the port Guaira coming from Boston, United States. But it was not until 1856 that the first factory in Caracas is established.

From that moment, first appeared "refrigerators", consisting of a kind of cabinet, which housed in the lower part a brown sugar ice. That explains why the first recipes dictate the instruction "put on ice for four hours."

The recipe in principle, did not include any type of biscuit or cookie. Some sources say its Germanic origin when Prince Luitpold (1821 - 1912) ordered the royal chef Rottenhoffer name, to prepare a special dessert given his weakness for chocolate. Quickly, the recipe became very popular and soon reached the hands of French chefs, who incorporated eggs to the mixture.

Yet another version published in the associated page Spizzicainsalento Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de Sevigne (1626 - 1696), known for its excesses and prolific epistolary culture. In a letter dated 1671, states the chocolate as an obsession and says "a piece of chocolate daily during pregnancy, do you have a black son as the devil." No records to have had a child with dark skin, but it is difficult to establish whether that statement was born as a backup, to the anguish of the consequences of a swarthy lover.


Servings: 7

Time: 30 min.

Skill: Easy


A can of Condense Milk

1 Package of Maria biscuit or sweet biscuit.

250gr. bars of chocolate


In a saucepan place the chocolate into pieces and then the condensed milk; put the mixture over low heat until chocolate melts; once integrated all elements, remove from heat.

In a bowl (can be plastic or glass) put crushed cookies with your hands; add the above mixture and finally incorporate nuts.

Once the mixture ready we cover our mold with wax paper and pour there. We took him to the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

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