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Apple first used the iBrand name with the introduction of its iMac line of computers. Ken Segall, an employee at an L.A. ad agency handling Apple's account, came up with the name "iMac" and pitched it to Steve Jobs. Steve originally wanted the product to be called "MacMan", but eventually warmed up to Ken's suggestion. According to Ken, the "i" stands for "Internet", but also represents the product as a personal and revolutionary device as 'i' stands for "individuality" and "innovation".

Subsequently, Apple named its future products iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iCloud. However, most of these terms had already been trademarked by other companies, including an Internet kiosk company, networking giant Cisco, Fujitsu, and a Chinese display manufacturer, respectively. Apple later obtained the trademarks from their original owners using a variety of methods, including cash settlements.

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