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  • utopia

    Transcendentalists believe that people could live in harmony with one another in a perfect land. The term for a perfect world is utopia.

    Literature; General literature
  • purpose

    When reading American Revolution rhetoric, it is important to consider the purpose. While in most cases it is merely, "to encourage people to revolt" quite often discovering the specific purpose will make the work easier to analyze.

    Literature; General literature
  • denotation

    Denotation is NOT a method of rhetoric, rather it is something that must be taken into account when reading older writings. The English language has changed, as such something the denotation (definition of a word) now is different than what the writers intended.

    Literature; General literature
  • abstract language

    The American Revolution rhetoric is about big ideas. As such, concrete language is avoided and more abstract language is used. Words like: freedom, liberty, etc. are used rather than the more concrete ideas.

    Literature; General literature
  • exemplum

    This is a fancy term to say that a specific example is being used. These are very common throughout the prose in the American Revolution.

    Literature; General literature
  • Enumeratio

    Enumeratio is the concept of detailing specific parts. Rather than just saying, "The King is bad," the writer will list of specifically the different ways that he has been bad.

    Literature; General literature
  • Expletive

    An expletive is when one word (or possibly a short phrase) is put into a sentence for emphasis. Often is is offset by commas and is not needed for the sentence to make sense. The only purpose is to add emphasis.

    Literature; General literature
  • syntax

    Syntax is the sentence structure. Rhetoric like parallelism which is created by the word order, punctuation, etc rather than the words themselves.

    Literature; General literature
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