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  • Aereo

    Aereo is a technology company based in New York City that allows subscribers to view live and time-shifted streams of over-the-air television on Internet-connected devices.The service was launched in February 2012,and is backed by Barry Diller's IAC. Aereo's legality is currently the ...

    Computer; Wireless technology
  • Ruko

    The Roku Streaming Player (or simply Roku) is a series of set-top boxes manufactured by Roku, Inc. Over-the-top content is provided by Roku partners in the form of channels. Users can add or remove different channels through the Roku Channel Store. In May 2011, Roku stated the devices had over one ...

    Online services; Streaming
  • Skybox Imaging

    Skybox Imaging is a private company providing commercial high-resolution satellite imagery, high-definition video and analytics services. The Mountain View, California-based company was founded in 2009 by Dan Berkenstock, Julian Mann, John Fenwick, and Ching-Yu Hu.Skybox was named no. 1 on Inc. ...

    Aerospace; Satellites
  • lime juice

    The juice is made of limes (citrus). It may be squeezed from fresh limes, or purchased in bottles in both unsweetened and sweetened varieties.

    Beverages; Juice
  • vodka

    A Russian drink distilled from rye.

    Language; Dictionaries
  • honey

    A sweet, sticky sweetener that's produced by bees from floral nectar. Honey is now available in more than 300 varieties in the United States. Its flavor depends on the flowers from which the honey is derived; most honey is made from clover, but other sources include lavender, thyme, orange blossom, ...

    Culinary arts; Cooking
  • banana

    The world's most popular fruit. The most common U.S. variety is the yellow Cavendish. They are picked green and develop better flavor when ripened off the bush. Two sweeter varieties are the red banana and the dwarf or finger banana.

    Fruits & vegetables; Fruits
  • Caesars Palace

    Le Caesars Palace appartient aux plus célèbres hôtels de Las Vegas. Il a gagné sa notoriété grâce à ses nombreuses apparitions dans les films (Eleven Ocean, entre autres), et grâce à sa réplique spectaculaire du Colisée, un lieu qui compte de plus de 4000 sièges et qui accueille chaque année de ...

    Travel; Travel sites
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