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  • Women Bag Satchel Handbag $21.59 free shipping

    Women Bag Satchel Handbag $21.59 free shipping Good-quality material and unique touching. The bestchoice to show individual charm and personality. The combination of fashion and temperament as a gift. Elegant and practical, perfectly match with different personal style. A sense of freedom ...

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  • Women Purse Long Bow Wallet $12.99 free shipping

    Main Features: Interior design of main wallet: 12 card slot pockets, 3 compartments, 1 zipper pocket and 1 photo slot pocket Structure of detachable slice: 6 card slot pockets, 2 SIM card slot pockets and 1 photo slot pocket Color: Black, rose, watermelon red, orange red, white, red, blue, ...

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  • REAL people. REAL opportunity.

    Ok. So you sighed-up to a new business opportunity, and tried to learn all the things about your new company, so you can support your new team members. Of course, knowledge always helps especially if you are trying to be a Good Team Leader and you want your team to be successful. You must create ...

    Advertising; Marketing communications
  • Why SFI Works For Some & Not For Others

    When listening to other SFI affiliates on forums, conference calls, and e-mail, you hear SFI success stories and you hear wailings of dismay. Which ones are true? Both! Here's why: SFI works, if you...yes, YOU... A. Do a little work, B. Make a tiny commitment, and C. Do your small ...

    Advertising; Marketing communications

    When you ask people to join a FREE opportunity, they will tell you it is a SCAM. When you tell them they need at least $37 to boost their business, they will tell you they do not have money . When you tell them that they will get all the information, tools and training to build a profitable ...

    ; Social marketing
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