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  • Sobek

    The crocodiles and rivers. He was often depicted as a man with a crocodile head. He controlled the waters and his role was to protect the pharaoh from evil.

    History; Egyptian history
  • Sehkmet

    The goddess of lions, vengeance, and fire. She was the woman with the head of a lioness. According to mythology, the desert was created with her breath.

    History; Egyptian history
  • Khonsu

    The god of the moon, moonlight, and time. He is known to have gambled time with Nut, the sky goddess. Nut won so many times which allowed her to add five more days to the calendar, known as the "demon days."

    History; Egyptian history
  • Apophis

    The god of snakes and war. He is also known as Apep, an evil demon who lives in the Duat. Most of the time, he is shown as a snake and is associated with chaos and darkness. He was defeated by Seth when he accompanied Ra in the Duat. Ra also fought him and always won except during an eclipse, where ...

    History; Egyptian history
  • Hapi

    The god of the Nile. He is also considered the god of the annual flooding of the Nile, the Lord of the Fishes and Birds, and the Lord of River Bringing Vegetation. Oftentimes, he is illustrated as a blue or green man with a huge belly wearing a loincloth.

    History; Egyptian history
  • Bes

    The dwarf god of protection of pregnant women, newborn infants, and families.Bes would scare the demons away during birth by dancing around the room, shaking his rattle, and yelling. Bes would stay by the baby after birth and, when s/he laughs for no reason, the Egyptians believe that Bes is in the ...

    History; Egyptian history
  • Tefnut

    The lion goddess of water, moisture, and fertility. She is the sister and wife of Shu, and was also one of the first deities created by Ra. Tefnut and Shu are the parents of Nut and Geb. She helps Geb hold the sky up and her cries of pain fertilized the ground.

    History; Egyptian history
  • Shu

    The god of wind and air. He was one of the first deities of Ancient Egypt, having been created by Ra. When Ra said "Shu the moisture," Shu was sneezed out of Ra's nostrils. He keeps Nut and Geb apart by keeping Nut raised with his arms. His Greek mythology counterpart is Atlas.

    History; Egyptian history
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