Tania Grant

French-to-English translator

Shefford - QC


My native language:

English (EN)

Other Languages:

French, Canadian (CF)

  • artisan (also artisanal)

    Definition: produced by hand or using traditional methods, usually in limited quantities. Context: Today, the draw for real artisan products is born out of a movement deriding overly processed, mass-produced foods linked to big corporations (Good Food World 2011). Context: The artisan ...

    Food (other); Functional food
  • terroir

    Definition: the combination of soil, altitude, climate, geography, and agricultural practices that gives a crop its distinct attributes. Context: During recent years the businesses of tourism and high quality food and wine has experienced a dramatic change: the number of food and wine quality ...

    Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions
  • community fridge

    Definition: a public refrigerator where individuals and businesses can donate edible food that may otherwise go to waste, so that it can be taken and consumed by others. Context: A community fridge where people or businesses can share surplus food that would have been thrown away has opened in ...

    Food (other); Functional food
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