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  • marker

    In some knitting patterns it is important to knit only up to a certain point and then go backwards again. In order to know when to stop knitting, you need a marker. It can be anything that is large enough to be clearly visible (and does not have the color of your work)and can be hung on your ...

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • finishing

    Finishing is whatever you do to your garment once it is knitted. It includes washing, blocking, and weaving in the loose ends. Then it only needs to be enjoyed!

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • gauge

    Whenever a garment needs to be a certain size, you have to make a gauge. It needs to be done for every pattern and in a size that is at least 4 inches long and wide. The larger your gauge, the more likely it is that the size of your garment will not take you by surprise later on. After the ...

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • garter stitch

    This is the name of the pattern created by knitting every single stitch, i.e. on the front and on the back. It is durable, does not curl at the edges and is unbeatable when you like to knit while watching a very good movie. It is very fast as well....done!

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • blocking

    Blocking is essential for lace patterns, because the pattern doesn't open up until you block it. The pattern will remain nearly invisible otherwise, so it's really worth it. In order to block your garment, you need a frame that is the size your garment needs to be. Alternatively, you need a flat ...

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • cast-on

    A cast-on is the first thing you have to do before the real knitting starts. It is the technique that puts the yarn on your needle. How to get started. First of all you need to know how many stitches you have to start with. Then you estimate the amount of yarn that will be needed for your cast-on. ...

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • lace

    Lace is a very light form of garment. It looks very airy, often appears transparent. The yarn that is normally chosen for lace is the finest available and appropriately termed "spiderweb". The techniques involved are yarnovers combined with decreases of different sorts. The use of fairly thick ...

    Hobbies; Knitting
  • bind-off

    Everything needs to end at some point. When you are knitting there are several ways to finish the garment. 1. You can simply knit one stitch, then the next, then pass over the first. You knit the next stitch and again pass over the one before. Continue until there is only one stitch left, cut the ...

    Hobbies; Knitting
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