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  • KitchMe

    A Google Glass app that speaks a stream of recipe instructions as you cook with food images being beamed direct to your eye. KitchMe allows you to voice search for recipes, choose relevant cards and get a full ingredients list, and step-by-step cooking instructions. This is the kind of activity ...

    Culinary arts; Cooking
  • YourShow

    A presentation software that empowers you to deliver more engaging presentations by allowing you to better focus on the audience and the message. The app auto connects with a Google Drive to pull in PowerPoint presentations or Google slides. You can use Google Glass to view your slides and notes, ...

    Software; Productivity software
  • real-time language translation

    This is an important Google glass feature that comes in handy in an increasingly globalized world. Users simply ask Google glass to translate a phrase or sentence from one language to another. People speaking different languages can now communicate directly with one another using the automatic ...

    Translation & localization; Machine translation
  • Winkfeed

    WinkFeed is a glassware that allows users to get news and RSS updates on Google glass in real-time. Users first log in to WinkFeed's service and set up RSS feed the way they want, such as picking from a number of sites or just linking an RSS feed of their choosing. As new content comes in, the ...

    Software; Phone apps
  • Evernote

    Evernote is a simple glassware that makes taking notes easy and effective. Basically, the app allows users to complete two practical tasks conveniently, i.e. note taking and note review. Users can send a photo or short video to their Evernote account. They can also send a note from their Evernote ...

    Software; Productivity software
  • Glass anxiety

    With any new technology there is the potential for misuse and Google Glass is particularly problematic when it comes to privacy concerns. For many people, the prospect of being filmed by someone from their glasses make them uneasy, having their conversations logged and their face searched through ...

    Eyewear; Glasses
  • bone-induction sound

    A sound technology built into Google Glass that sends vibrations through bones near the ear to create sound. With bone-conduction sound, users can hear audio with the glasses on, without the need for the more cumbersome headphones. The added benefit here is that users will be able to hear the audio ...

    Eyewear; Glasses
  • laser-projected keyboard

    A virtual keyboard that allows users to interact with Google Glass by inputting information through tapping their arm or hand. The technology uses a tiny projector and a camera to accomplish data input by first projecting a keyboard image onto the user's hand or any surface, while the device's ...

    Computer; Input and output devices
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